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4 Fun things you can do stuck at home

This year's lifestyle has changed for many people around the world. Many of us are staying at home for days or weeks in a row, hardly going outside. For most people, staying at home can cause anxiety and challenge to our health, especially the mental health issue. So, experts recommend you do several activities that can reduce your stress. While you can not go anywhere, the things you do can be valuable tools to help you remain calm and continue to protect your health. So in this article, we will tell you four fun things to keep you happy.

1. Decorate Your Home

It's the perfect time to make changes for your house during quarantine. Spending more time to decorate your favourite spots in the house can be such a fun activity. If you have no idea where to start or how, try to move your furniture such as tables, armchair, and decorative things to a new position or even moving it to other rooms. Adding more decorative items such as painting or even plant is definitely a perfect idea. By having these in your room it will help you to freshened up the ambience and spice up your creativity.

2. Start Gardening

Not only getting a prettier look for your house, but gardening has also been to know can give you benefits such as: A. Gardening can help you to get closer to nature and it's been known as therapy for our mental health, clear out our stressful mind, and emotionally relax
B. Gardening can reduce depression, anxiety, obesity, and heart disease and increase life satisfaction, quality of life, and sense of community.
C. Gardens are so essential to support recovery from illness, and merely looking at gardens can reduce stress, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

3. Join giveaway

Currently, there are a lot of giveaways that we can find on social media, websites, or everywhere. You can participate in some giveaways. After all, when you win, you can be so happy because you will get something either a product or service for free. In some cases, even though you are not winning the giveaway, you also get benefit from upgrading your skill if the giveaway requires you to create something, e.g., essay, video, photo contest.

4. Virtual Dinner

Eating alone is boring, right! But don’t worry, you can still enjoy dinner with your partner, family, or friends while being stuck at home. Use technology to share a meal virtually without ever leaving hour house. Many people have turned to platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts for doing some activities. With these platforms, you can set up a dinner with your partner, family, and friends wherever you want! Sound fun, right!

Those are four fun activities that you can do while staying at home. There are still a lot of great actions that you can do to make you sparkling and relaxed. Just explore and do it. Stay safe, and wear a mask!

7 Ways to Earn Money Online

In this era, we can make a great income by being creative even though you're just staying at home. Here we will share some tips to get additional revenue online. To keep in mind, since these are ways to earn money online, you obviously need a website presence. The website will support the efforts you make to gain income. So, let's start the discussion one by one:

1. Freelance

To be a freelancer, first, you should visit a freelance provider website. Don't worry about your skills. You can find a freelance job according to your skills only. If you are confident with your writing skill or your language, you might submit for author, translator, or proofreader.; however, joining a freelance platform alone isn't enough. You need to build an excellent resume and showcase your best work. If the client is interested in your ability, they will contact you through the contact provided.

2. Opening an Online Store

Opening an online store can be a way of earning money from the Internet, especially if you have quality goods products. You can sell trending products, necessity products, or fashion products that you see promising. The benefit of starting to open an online shop is, you can start it without capital! There's a method called dropshipping, where your suppliers send the products to your customers under your online shops' name, and you pay directly to your supplier for every purchase. The online store also offers a broader range of audiences. Not like when you sell products offline, it has a limited market. Besides, the cost of managing online stores is much smaller. A well-managed online store can generate promising profits.

3. Selling your Digital Photo to Digitial Marketplace

Almost all digital works are economically valuable. No exception to photo works. So, you can sell your photo work to earn income. Most photographers sell their work through third-party sites like Shutterstock. Some of them claimed they can generate promising revenues up to $34,000. Fantastic, isn't it? Although it is a way of earning money that looks easy at first, joining Shutterstock is less profitable for beginners. Because the nominal given is quite small. The solution is, you can use other platforms such as 500px and Virtual Society that give you higher rates.

4. Make a Youtube Channel

Making a YouTube channel is free. It is necessary to have support tools such as a camera, mic, and others, and the most important thing is an exciting content. The idea should also be unique, like entertainment channels, general information, tutorials, or even a game streaming. Then you can monetize your youtube account with AdSense.

5. Joining Online Survey Platform

Just by answering a few easy questions, you can earn some money. Joining paid surveys is a way of earning money from the Internet. Although it does not promise a bigger amount of money, it's still enough to make some pocket money. Besides, many companies need surveys to improve their customer satisfaction and get a variety of data for product development. This means that online surveys will be required.

6. Creating a Blog

To earn money from blogging, of course, you have to create a blog as a first step. Remember, always create a blog with hosting. Because utilizing a free blog has some disadvantages to making money. Because almost all free blog platforms prohibit you from putting up advertisements. Also, the blog platform may delete your blog if it is considered infringing. That means you don't have complete control over the blog. Well, if your blog is online, continue on the step by creating some exciting content. The more useful the content, the more visitors you can get.

7. Joining a Giveaway Contest

If you have a lot of free time. You can utilize your chance by participating in the giveaway contest to make money or win some prizes. You can choose and search for the giveaway contest that you want to win by visiting the website that provides a giveaway contest, such as this site. You must be careful and pay attention to the contest terms and conditions before joining the giveaway contest. Because some of the games have a few requirements you must follow to be an eligible participant.

Hopefully, the list above can help you find the best way that suits your skills. Don't forget to always follow the appropriate guidelines and tips. Many people use the methods above as a major source of revenue. But, it is not uncommon that still use it as a side business. The decision is back in your hands.

Keep safe! Ways to avoid giveaway scams

As internet technology becomes more more advanced, there are thousands of frauds or scams happening every year, and you cannot know any kind of scam arising in the world. But if you can remember these six steps to avoid fraud, you can prevent different types of scams and help protect yourself and your family. Don't be too happy if you receive some good news mention you've won a giveaway prize. Make sure you are safe from giveaway scams. Be smart! If you find these signs of common giveaway scams, then ignore it.

1. Never send money to someone you've never met face-to-face.

Trust me, never do it. Especially if you are asked to transfer some money using wire transfer (PayPal, Payoneer), debit card banking, or gift cards (which can not be tracked like cash) by people from cyberspace. If you suddenly get a call from someone you don't know and want you to pay to get your prize, don't do it.

2. Do not open an attachment link from the email you suspect.

It could be that the link or attachment turns out to make you download the malware to your computer or steal your identity. Be careful even with an email that you think looks familiar, though, it could be a fake email. Read thoroughly and check the email source carefully. If that's a giveaway email you've participated before, then visit the giveaway contest and make sure it's from the same giveaway contest page.

3. Don't believe everything you see.

A great scammer can mimic official stamps, fonts, and other details. Just because a site or email looks official doesn't mean it's genuine. A scammer can even forge a Caller ID. Make sure you do a double check on the details, before participating in the giveaway contest.

4. Be wary of the information you share on social media.

Only share your information with people you already know well. Be sure to use privacy settings on all social media and online accounts. Scammers often get information about their targets from their online interactions and make themselves sound like friends or family members because they are very familiar to you. So, you must read the terms and conditions before participating in a giveaway contest before sharing your information.

5. Keep calm and be wise.

If you get a call from an unknown number and want you to act fast as they say, don't act according to the scammer direction. Take a breath first and ask a person you trust before taking some action. Scammers usually get you to think an incident has happened or given you an offer for a limited time. They want to push you into making some action before you briefly think or discuss it with family members or friends so, make sure you don't do an impulsive deed.

6. Participate from a trusted giveaway source.

Before joining a giveaway, you must know that the source of the giveaway contest is legit. Find out who held it before participating, either from Facebook, Instagram, or Website. Find a website that lists all trusted giveaways where you can join without worries like this site. So, be a smart participant and get your prize! Have fun!

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