5 Ways to save money on groceries

Let's talk about shopping for groceries. You may wonder what this has to do with contests and giveaways. Actually it does. On the one had you can often win when you shop at your favorite retailer and on the other vouchers for stuff like groceries are often given away as prizes in competitions. So let us take it step-by-step:

1. Make Shopping plans

The first way to save money on groceries is to make a shopping plan. That way, you can easily remember what items have been used up and need to be purchased. Not only that, by creating a shopping plan, it will also make it easier for you to remember and avoid buying unnecessary items and waste.

2. Shop at Traditional Markets

You can save your grocery money by shopping at traditional markets. Because in the traditional market, you can buy vegetables, fruit, herbs and other things at a low price than supermarkets. That's because supermarkets have prices that have been accumulated with tax costs. Thus, the price of goods is higher than in traditional markets. You can also bargain the price of goods you want to buy, with the merchants.

3. Distinguish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Spending

The next simple way to save money is to differentiate between daily, weekly, and monthly spending. You can do this to the items you want to buy so that the items you buy can be adjusted from the resilience of the goods. For example:
Monthly shopping: You can buy monthly needs that are durable, such as rice, cooking oil, to flour, along with bathing needs.
Weekly shopping: Maybe you can adjust items that can last a week—Eg., eggs, herbs, gallons of water, instant food, meat, and other ingredients.
Daily shopping: Maybe you can buy ingredients that are not durable. For example, such as vegetables, bread, tofu, fruits, or if you want snacks and side dishes, you can use your daily shopping money.

4. Make a price Comparison Before Buying

You can also save some grocery money by making a comparison of the prices of goods before buying. You can compare prices of goods with the same type but different brands or different locations of purchase. Make sure you buy the items you need at the lowest price but still with the same quality as the items that may cost more.

5. Giveaway

By joining a giveaway with cash or vouchers prize, you can save your money on groceries because there are many giveaways usually held by the grocery store or sweepstake. With that, you can search your favorite giveaway you want to participate in. Make sure you search for a free giveaway to join . Usually, you need to fill an entry form or answer some questions to participate in the giveaway. Good Luck, be wise, and save your money.

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