Overview of contest types

There is surprisingly many different ways how contests are organized and what one has to do to enter and get a chance to win. Each different type requires you to take a specific action and getting that right is the first step to winning some giveaway. On this page you find an overview of all the common types of contest in the Philippines and some tips on how to enter and win. Click on the links if you want to see some contests open for entries right now for the particular type.


Creative Contests are among the most difficult to enter because you need to produce something good to have a chance. Usually the most creative entry will win so you need to make an effort. At the same time the odds of winning may be quite good simply because there are much much less entries compared to those competitions where you just join easily by signing up. The main thing of this contest is that you are asked to be creative in a particular field such as writing, photographin, video, and many more. Before entering make sure what creative contest that really matches your interest so you can enhance your chance to win in this type. Once you understand the rules just give your best and be creative. Then you have a good chance. If you just enter sloppily your entry may be wasted.

Facebook Activity

Facebook Activity is usually not difficult to join, provided you have a Facebook account. To enter, you might need to follow the Facebook account, which gives out the prize first. Mostly there is some like and share button located on the bottom of the post that you need to activate. Often you are also asked to write your comment based on the organizer's criteria. This can be about your review of their product, why you need that product, and many variants. The comment often has to contain particular hashtag(s) that are set by the rules. Sometimes you need to invite friends to like, follow and join the contest too. As always, please read the rules that we summarize, so you do not miss your chance.

Instagram Activity

Instagram Contests is the most fun type of contest ever. All the rules are pretty simple and easy to follow. You need to ensure that your account is not private and set it to Public, so your action can be seen publicly (otherwise, the organizer of the giveaway would not know you are in). Mostly, all the Instagram activity giveaway requires you to repost the post on your feed or story and mention the organizer. Sometimes you need to comment on their comment section about how eager you are to win the prize and tag a certain number of your friends. Check out the rules to see if there are additional requirements about the post and how the select winner. Then make sure you follow that to maximize your chances.

Interactive Giveaway

Interactive Giveaway is a type that is easy to understand but sometimes hard to enter. You need to answer some specific questions correctly to qualify for an entry. Sometimes the speed of your answer or details of how you write your answer also play a role. Before you answer the question, sometimes you need to fill your data first, so make sure you fill it correctly too so when you are chosen as the winner, you can verify your data to the organizer who runs the contest. Note that some organizers of the competition might put more or fewer steps that you need to do, so make sure you read the rule altogether. Often the correct answer you can find is reading some text on the competition website or searching it online. The extra step involved sometimes means fewer entries for this type of contest, which means higher chances of winning.

Lucky draw contests

In Lucky Draw Competitions the winner will be selected randomly from all entries. To join this contest, all you need is just complete the lucky draw entry form online. The form usually contains your full name, phone number, email, and address that can be used to contact the winner later on. Therefore, make sure you fill in the form completely and correctly so the organizer can contact and verify your data easily. Sometimes there is additional conditions like proof of purchase. Then the organizer may ask you to upload a picture of your shopping receipt. So to maximize your chance to win the lucky draw fill your data correctly and read the rules to check if there are other things that you need to do to qualify.

Photo contest

Photo Contests are quite common now and seem easy to enter. You can just take a quick snap and submit it as an entry. However, in most cases, the winner is determined by selecting the best (or funny, or original, etc) photo. So to maximise your chances you should put in some effort to really make it a good photo that stands a chance of winning. Otherwise your entry maybe we wasted. If you like taking photos and being creative about it these are also some of the most fun contests. When you join Photo Contests you need to note what are the criteria defined by the contest jury committee. Then, you also need to know what types of images are eligible. Normally at the last step which is submission, there will be guidelines for how to submit your photo contest such as the size of the image, name of the file, etc. If you follow this advice you might have a good chance of winning.

Pinterest contest

The mechanics of Pinterest Competitions are similar to those on Instagram, just using Pinterest instead obviously. This organizer usually asks you to follow their Pinterest account. Then, you are often asked to repin several times in their particular post. Sometimes you also need to make a board about their product or put the hashtag that is already set by the organizer. Please notice the terms and conditions of the Pinterest contest such as who can participate, minimal age, etc so you can choose which competition that is a match with you so you will have a higher chance to win.

Sign Up Competition

Sign Up competition is really the easiest to enter. You just have to fill in a form with your contact details and you are in draw. The main thing here is to make sure that the data is actually correct. Make sure you provide the correct email address and valid phone number so that they can contact you in case you are the winner. Also, your name needs to be spelled correctly, ideally matching your ID document. And do not forget the date of birth. Sometimes there is a condition on minimum age so if you are too young you may not qualify.

Twitter Activity

The number of Twitter competitions is increasing a lot recently. Many compers do not like that because of the need to have a Twitter account and remembering yet another password but that is that. Some brands really love Twitter comps because they create such a strong buzz. Shallow of course but loud and they think that really helps them with their marketing. Now that is a matter of debate but the fact is that they do run a lot of Twitter contests lately and if you want to win you need to learn how they work. There are basically a few variants of them. The simplest form is a simple following of a brand to be in the competition. So for at least the promotion period you need to stay a follower to have a chance to win. That is easy enough. The next level would be the need to re-tweet anything that the brands require you so that your follows in turn also get the message. Alternatively, you need to do a tweet with the hashtag indicated in the rules. This may also add a creative component as you are normally supposed to tweet something original or funny to that hashtag. It could also turn into a question and answer type of competition where you need to answer some kind of quiz for your chance to win.

Writing Competition

Writing competition is a straightforward form of a creative contest. The competition is about writing an interesting and creative article. It requires basic creative writing, sometimes with a particular minimum word count that set by the organizer. The jury then selects the winner. Usually, the terms will explain what the prize committee is looking for: It could be the most creative, wittiest, or just the best answer that is supposed to be selected as a winner, before starting to write your make sure that you understand the criteria set by the organizer. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your time and energy writing on an incompatible article. We would recommend attempting to write something that is fun to read.
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